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A Woman's Giant Booger Turned Out to Be a Bead From 20 Years Ago

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Photo: Getty Images North America

A 23-year-old woman in Georgia named Hannah Hamilton just posted a TikTok video after she found a decorative BEAD she shoved up her nose 20 YEARS ago.

She had a sinus infection and was really congested. She thought she had a huge BOOGER in one of her nostrils. But no matter how hard she blew, it wouldn't come out.

So instead of seeing a doctor, she bought a tiny ear wax camera to shove up her nose and see what was going on.

She eventually saw something crusty up there . . . with a little section of BLUE peeking through. And that's when an old memory came flooding back.

When she was three years old, she shoved a blue bead up her nose and never told her parents. It was one of those colorful beads you make necklaces with. And she'd gone two decades without realizing it was still in there.

People on TikTok thought she was lying and wanted proof. So she posted footage from the earwax camera that shows her yanking the thing out. She says it was very painful.

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