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FedEx Driver Launches Package at Front Door Like an NFL Quarterback [VIDEO]

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Photo: Getty Images North America

A San Francisco FedEx driver has gone viral for slinging a package from his truck to a doorstep with the accuracy and speed of Tom Brady himself.

Posted on TikTok, the impressive throw is being challenged by the homeowner since he wasn’t thrilled to see a football-sized box hurled at his house during dinnertime.

“We thought someone was trying to break in through the glass window. I went downstairs to see the package on the doorstep and the FedEx truck around the corner. Upon looking at my Nest doorbell camera feed, I was shocked to see that my package was thrown from the truck,” the anonymous source told Storyful.

“Luckily there was no damage to my door, and the package contained harmless items that did not break.”

The receiver contacted FedEx and he was told that “a general memo would be sent to drivers and that the specific driver would not be contacted.”

“I pushed for a complaint,” the source said, mentioning that he first “did not hear from FedEx” and decided to call the offices again.

“They said that no complaint was ever filed, and I pushed again saying I need a complaint number and this is to be addressed now or it will go viral.”

Now, the world seems to be wondering if an NFL quarterback is moonlighting as a FedEx driver.

“The feedback has been crazy. People love the video and wonder if the driver should join the San Francisco 49ers or the SF Giants or maybe it’s Tom Brady in disguise because the throw was so far away and perfectly thrown,” the source said, adding that while “it’s nice to have fun with the video,” he is “scared though of something else happening.”

“I would not have been happy if [the package] was something more sensitive.”

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