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A Couple Gave Their Toddler an Apple Watch, He Promptly Called 911 [VIDEO]

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Photo: Getty Images Europe

A couple near Grand Rapids, Michigan named Leon and Andrea Hendrix have two kids, and one on the way. Their oldest son Landon is three and loves Mickey Mouse.

So the other day, Andrea decided to give him her old Apple Watch with Mickey on it. It's one of the original models, and she didn't think it could make calls anymore.

But after they put Landon to bed Monday night, he started messing with the watch . . . promptly CALLED 911 by mistake . . . and their baby monitor got it on video.

His dad Leon used to be a reporter for a TV station in Grand Rapids. So he sent them the footage, and they did a whole story on it.

Andrea knew something was up when she heard a random woman's voice on the monitor. It turned out Landon was on the phone with 911 for around SEVEN MINUTES.

Luckily, the dispatcher realized what was happening, so it doesn't sound like she sent cops or anything. Leon and Andrea apologized for wasting everyone's time.

They're letting Landon KEEP the watch, by the way. But they put it in airplane mode, and say they won't let him play with it alone anymore.

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