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Southwest Passenger Masturbates in Front of Woman 4 Times!!


Photo: AFP

A Southwest Airlines passenger masturbated in front of a woman on four separate occasions on a flight from Seattle to Phoenix — telling cops he didn’t do anything wrong and actually “thought it was kind of kinky!”

Antonio Sherrodd McGarity was sitting next to the horrified woman and exposed himself to her shortly after takeoff.

The man “exposed his penis by pulling down his pants and shorts and proceeded to masturbate during the first hour of the flight,” the woman said in a criminal complaint.

“She suspected that McGarity ejaculated because he licked a white substance from his fingers,” according to the complaint.

The woman began snapping photos of McGarity, who allegedly used both his left and right hands to pleasure himself for about an hour before he finally fell asleep, according to the report.

The victim reported his brazen lewd behavior to a flight attendant and was allowed to move to another seat for the remaining two hours.

When interviewed by the FBI in Phoenix, McGarity allegedly admitted to his shocking behavior and was slapped with federal charges.

“McGarity advised he asked the female witness if she minded if he masturbates,” according to the complaint cited by the outlet. “According to McGarity, the female witness put her hands in the air and said, ‘It really doesn’t matter.’”

The man thought her response was “kind of kinky” and believed she was comfortable with him masturbating, the complaint adds.

Southwest has imposed a lifetime ban on McGarity.

Photo: Phoenix Police Department

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