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Perv FaceTimed Random People with His Junk Out

Photo: Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office

Remember Chatroulette, the app where you'd video chat with random people . . . and eventually encounter some pervert with his JUNK out? Someone needs to tell this guy it still exists . . .

A 35-year-old in Florida named Adam Smith is facing charges after he FaceTimed random strangers . . . and started PLEASURING himself when they picked up. (Wow, random scam calls suddenly don't sound so bad.)

Three different people went to the cops, but he probably did it to more people than that.

One victim said that when they answered, he was completely naked and SQUATTING in front of his camera.

That person managed to take a screenshot before Adam hung up that showed some tattoos he had.

Cops traced the calls back to him and arrested him last week. He admitted he'd been calling random numbers and doing it for at least the past two months.

He's facing felony charges for indecent exposure and obscene communication.

He also got busted for indecent exposure a few years ago after he pulled up next to a woman in his car and exposed himself.

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