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A Woman Earned "Hero" Status by Casually Removing a Possum from a Bar


Photo: AFP

A bunch of New Yorkers were at a place in Brooklyn called Temkin's Bar last Thursday night when a POSSUM wandered through the front door.

As soon as it walked in, people FREAKED. One of the bartenders said she immediately grabbed her phone but didn't know who to call.

But luckily, one person wasn't scared. A lady named Sara Fulton was standing outside when she saw it run in. And she's originally from Alaska.

So as everyone panicked, she walked back into the bar . . . found it under a table . . . grabbed it by the scruff of the neck . . . and casually walked it back outside to release it.

Someone got it on video, and a few people cheered when they saw it run off.

Sara says she didn't think twice, because she grew up with moose in her backyard. And she always forgets she's not in Alaska anymore, so she was surprised how impressed everyone was.

Within minutes, people were already calling her a HERO and lining up shots. So she didn't pay for another drink all night.

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