Billionaire's Yacht Wipes Out Dock As It Crashes In St. Marten. VIDEO

The $90 million super yacht glided right into a wooden jety and then a concrete dock as shocked onlookers caught the incident on video. According to reports, the captain was trying to maneuver out of the Simpson Bay Lagoon, but the 253-foot yacht experienced a computer malfunction causing it to go way off course.

The yacht is owned by European tycoon Hans-Peter Wild, 79, whose estimated worth is $3.3 billion. Wild owns Capri Sun and has strong financial ties to Heidelberger RK a professional German rugby club.

Wild's super yacht is equipped with a helipad, gym steam room, swimming pool and its own onboard hospital.

Authorities say the damage could take months to fix and the St. Maarten Yachy Club has been closed as a result of the crash.

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