One of the Most Horrifying Dance Moves Capatured On Video.

A dance teacher and her boyfriend tried to re-create the iconic dance move from "Dirty Dancing" where Johnny lifts Baby above his head. Unfortunately, Millie Slennett was rather tipsy at the time and what started with a well executed lift turned very, very wrong when Millie slipped from her boyfriend's grasp, lands on her head, and snaps her neck.

Millie, who is lucky to be alive and not paralyzed, explained “I didn’t have my professional cap on,” the Sydney, Australia native told a local news outlet. “We’d had a few drinks — but I think having some in my system perhaps helped my fall because I was a little bit more relaxed.”

The 25-year old says "I know I’m so lucky. It could have been so much worse. I could have snapped my neck or done damage to my spine. I could have died.”