The DSC Show

The DSC Show

The DSC Show on San Diego's Classic Rock Radio Station 101.5 KGB with show members Dave Rickards, Cookie “Chainsaw” Randolph, Chris Boyer, and Sarah...Full Bio

Day 2 of 12 Days Of Christmas, Family Feud & Never Have I Ever!

12 Days Of Christmas Begins, The Celebrity Death Czar & Boyer VS The Team!

The DSC Show for Thursday 12/1/2022: On today's show we cried our eyes out during Day 1 of our 12 Days Of Christmas, we called on the Celebrity Death Czar to make two rulings, and we played Boyer VS The Team with a special guest player!

Shawn Wayans, Battle Of The Sexes & Crazy Custody Payments!

The DSC Show for Wednesday 11/30/22: On today's show Shawn Wayans stopped by 20 years after his first visit with us, we played "Battle Of The Sexes" for Metallica tickets, and went over the absurd math required to dissect the child support payments between Kim & Kanye!

Gross Family Habits, Chainsaw In Japan & Metallica Tickets!

The DSC Show for 11/29/22: On today's show Dave read gross habits that families have and someone on our show is guilty of that gross behavior! We also relived the time Chainsaw went to Japan and played "Lucky Number 7" for Metallica tickets!

Metallica Announcement, The Price Is Right & Book Fair Drama!

The DSC Show for Monday 11/28/22: On today’s show we had a major secret announcement about Metallica to reveal, we played “The Price Is Right: Cyber Monday Edition” and heard about the drama going down at Sarah’s kid’s school at the Book Fair!

DSC Tattoos, New Hall Of Famer & Boyer's Colonoscopy Coverage!

The DSC Show for Friday 11/18/22: On today's show we had 2 of the DSC's biggest fans get tattoos in studio! One of them was then inducted into The DSC Listener Hall Of Fame, and we heard how Boyer's colonoscopy went down!

Paulina Porizkova, LeBeau Finally Dies & What's In The Box?!

The DSC Show for Thursday 11/17/22: Of all the days for Chris Boyer to be out with self induced diarrhea, today was the worst one to pick in the last 25 years! We also played Beat The Bandit for Disney tickets, Paulina Porizkova called in to the show and we learned some harrowing details about Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood.

Boyer's Final Meal, Battle Of The Sexes & Bathroom Dilemmas!

The DSC Show for Wednesday 11/16/2022: On today's DSC show, we heard all about Boyer's last meal as he preps for getting the pipe cleared out tomorrow, we played Battle Of The Sexes for Disneyland tickets, and heard about Dave's bathroom dilemma!

Lucky Number 7, Leo's Lame BDay Party & 12 Days Of Christmas!

The DSC Show for Tuesday 11/15/2022: Today on the DSC Show we played "Lucky Number 7" for Disneyland tickets, heard about Leonardo DiCaprio's lame birthday party guest list, and brought back The DSC's 12 Days Of Christmas!

Disneyland Tix, When You Were Wronged & Flight Disaster Stories!

The DSC Show for Monday 11/14/2022: On today's DSC show, we played "Name That Disney Song!" for a 4 pack of tickets to Disneyland, we heard how HOF'mer Josh and Dave were wronged over the weekend, and then we heard some absolute nightmare flight stories!