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Joey Chestnut's Insane List Of Eating Records!

Chestnut is best known for dominating the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, but that's not the only impressive record he has for scarfing down grub! Here’s a rundown of all the Major League Eating world records held by Chestnut:

Chicken wings, long form

Chestnut’s dominance carries over to another staple of cookout food. He once downed an unthinkable 182 chicken wings in 30 minutes to set the record.

Pulled pork sandwiches

I guess when you really think about it, pulled pork sandwiches are basically just shredded hot dogs. Right? Regardless, Chestnut ate 45 of them in 10 minutes back in 2007.

Taco Bell soft beef tacos

Who doesn’t love Taco Bell? How do 53 tacos in 10 minutes sound? That’s the record Chestnut set in 2011.

Krystal hamburgers

We’re sticking in the fast-food realm here. I know Krystal burgers aren’t that big, but it’s still hard to imagine downing 103 of them in eight minutes like Chestnut did in 2007.

Meat pies

Chestnut went down to south Mississippi in 2016, where he set a world record at the Silver Slipper World Meat Pie Eating Championship by eating 23 6-ounce pies in 10 minutes.


As someone who can’t stand hard-boiled eggs, this one sounds like my personal nightmare. Credit to Chestnut, though, who in 2013 ate 141 of them in just eight minutes.


Chestnut’s competitive eating doesn’t exclude healthy foods — although it’s hard to call deep-fried asparagus spears particularly healthy. He ate 12 pounds and 8.75 ounces worth in 10 minutes at the Stockton Asparagus Festival in 2014.

Pork ribs

This one just causes me physical pain to think about. 13.76 pounds of pork rib meat in 12 minutes is not for the faint of heart (gut?).

Corned beef sandwiches

Chestnut celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in 2012 by taking down 20 eight-ounce corned beef sandwiches in 10 minutes.

Apple pie

It’s fitting that Chestnut holds the only record that could be more American than hot dogs on the Fourth of July. He finished 4.375 three-pound pies in just eight minutes back in 2013.

Philly cheesesteaks

Chestnut went to Philadelphia’s Dorney Park to set a very Philly record, downing 23 six-inch cheesesteaks in 10 minutes in 2011.

Funnel cake

Sticking with the amusement parks, Chestnut ate 5.9 pounds worth of the popular deep-fried, powdered sugar-covered festival fare at Kings Dominion.

Fish tacos

This won’t be the last mention of tacos on this list. When it comes to the seafood variety, he ate 30 six-ounce tacos in only five minutes in 2014.

Traditional tacos, three-inch tortilla

Chestnut had little problem with these smaller tacos, either, putting away 126 in only eight minutes.

Mutton sandwiches

A master of all meat, Chestnut ate 81 four-ounce sandwiches in 10 minutes in 2018.

Jalapeño poppers

Adding a bit of spice to the mix isn’t a problem for Chestnut, who once ate 118 Jalapeño poppers in 10 minutes in 2006, one of his earlier records.

Pepperoni rolls

Forty-three pepperoni rolls is a pretty impressive 10-minute total, if you ask me.

Shrimp wontons

This is maybe the most unbelievable of all of Chestnut’s records. I know shrimp wontons are light, but how is it even possible to eat 390 of them in eight minutes as he did in 2012?

Pulled Pork

Who needs the bread? Chestnut ate nine pounds, six ounces of smoked pulled pork in just 10 minutes in 2006.

Horseshoe sandwiches

Full disclosure: I had to look up what these are. Horseshoe sandwiches originate from Springfield, Illinois, and are open-faced, typically consisting of Texas toast, a hamburger patty, french fries and a cheese sauce. Anyway, Chestnut at a 6-pound, 5-ounce one in just 12 minutes one time.

Pulled pork sliders

What if the pulled pork had bread, but it was just smaller? Don’t make me laugh. He knocked out 62 sliders in 10 minutes in 2014.

San Pedro fish market shrimp

Shrimp is great. Seven pounds of shrimp in eight minutes? Sheesh.

Canteen sandwiches

I also didn’t know what this was, and preliminary Google searches were unclear. It seems to just be a sandwich made with loose ground beef? Regardless, it sounds like another unholy midwestern creation, and Chestnut ate 28.5 of them in Ottumwa, Iowa, in 2018.


Chestnut ate 30 of the eight-ounce Greek sandwiches back in 2016.

Pork roll sandwiches

Now, I’m from Florida, but it’s my understanding that the name of these breakfast sandwiches is highly controversial, and about half of our New Jersey readers already want to hurt me for calling it a pork roll. I doubt they could do more damage than Chestnut did to himself, though, when he ate 61.5 four-ounce versions at a Trenton Thunder Minor League Game in 2021.


In another record that just feels physically impossible, Chestnut ate 14.5 pounds of burritos in just 10 minutes in 2016.


Who doesn’t love the classic Hostess pastry? Perhaps not Chestnut anymore, after he ate 121 of them in just six minutes in 2013.

Boysenberry pie

The hybrid boysenberry, which is a cross between the raspberry, blackberry, loganberry and dewberry, originated at Knott’s Berry Farm, and it was there that Chestnut ate 14.5 pounds of boysenberry pie in eight minutes in 2016.


Chestnut ate 102 of these corn pastries in a 12-minute sitting back in 2012.


These Chinese dumplings, also sometimes called potstickers when fried, are very popular. I doubt many have even come close to matching Chestnut’s record-setting 384, though.


Chestnut ate 25 seven-ounce pastrami sandwiches from the iconic Katz’s Delicatessen.


This stew is a staple of Louisiana cuisine, and Chestnut holds the world record for eating 15 16-ounce bowls of it — or nearly two gallons — in just eight minutes.

Ice cream sandwiches

These are a classic childhood treat, but Chestnut was probably feeling some major brain freeze after eating 25.5 of them in only six minutes.

Grilled cheese sandwiches

Grilled cheese may not be that filling, but it’s still hard to wrap my mind around eating 47 of them in 10 minutes.


This mix of fries, cheese curds and gravy is a popular dish in Canada, and Chestnut ate 28 pounds of it in just 10 minutes back in 2019.

Shrimp cocktail

Shrimp cocktail is a popular appetizer, but Chestnut probably filled up while eating more than 18.5 pounds of it in eight minutes in 2018.

Hostess Donettes

Thinking about these made me hungry. At least, until I realized Joey Chestnut ate 257 of them in six minutes one time. Now, I just feel sad and a bit scared.

Salt potatoes

I had never heard of salt potatoes, which seem to just be potatoes boiled in salt water and butter. They were obviously popular enough for Chestnut to eat a record 13 pounds of them in 2011.

Turkey (whole)

Y’all ever just eat an entire Thanksgiving turkey by yourself? Chestnut polished one off weighing nearly 10 pounds in just 10 minutes in 2014.


Chestnut’s got the dumpling sweep after eating 165 pierogis in just eight minutes in 2014.

White Hut Cheesburgers

Chestnut ate 52 cheeseburgers in 10 minutes from the Springfield, Massachusetts, based burger joint.

Pizza Hut P'Zones

I remember being a huge fan of the P’Zones when they first came out. That’s not a relevant detail at all, I think I’m just starting to dissociate from all these ridiculous eating records. He ate 7.5 of them in 10 minutes, by the way.


Kolaches are a Czech (usually fruit) filled pastry. That doesn’t really matter, though. What matters is that Chestnut ate 56 of them — in this case filled with sausage and cheese — in eight minutes.

Brain tacos

At the Minneapolis Zombie Pub Crawl, Chestnut ate 54 tacos made from actual animal brains. Apparently, it’s a pretty common taco filler.


Chestnut ate an astounding 185 of these French deep-fried rolls.

2-foot pizza slices

Chestnut ate more than twice his body length worth of pizza in just a 10-minute sitting one time at Fat Boy’s Pizza in Kenner, Louisiana.

Carnitas tacos

I told you to get used to seeing tacos on this list. In 2019, Chestnut ate 82 of the two-ounce variety at the Santa Monica Pier.

Eggo waffles

Chestnut conquered this easy frozen breakfast staple by eating 81 of them in only eight minutes back in 2019.

Beef brisket sandwiches

Chestnut is cleary a fan of the BBQ challenges, and he took down 27 H-E-B True Texas beef brisket sandwiches in only 10 minutes.

Ramen noodles

Ramen at home is widely considered a cheaper meal, but it gets a bit more expensive when you eat it in Chestnut-esque volumes. He set the record by eating 10 cups in a challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cherry pie

Not content with just a single pie-related record, Chestnut set his newest record last July by eating 17.5 pounds of cherry pie.

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