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Sarah's Friends Battle Cancer Together, While Caring For 3 Young Daughters

Sarah's best friends have been diagnosed with the most unbelievable of circumstances...aggressive cancers at the exact same time.

Zak & Cori Salazar were your every day normal looking couple, working 9-5's to support their family of five including their three precious little girls; Juniper (4yrs old), Delaney (3yrs old), and Luna (18 mos). Just a few months ago their world's flipped upside down when Cori was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Thyroid Cancer at just 38 years old, which also has connections to a cancer that took her father's life when he was 38 years old. After multiple surgeries Cori had finally returned to work when she got a call that her husband, Zak, was being rushed to the E.R. after his optometrist discovered a swollen optic nerve.

That day Zak was diagnosed with a large brain mass which ended up being an aggressive malignant brain tumor. Only five days later Zak found himself undergoing brain surgery to remove the tumor, and part of the right frontal lobe of his brain where the tumor had clung on. Though the tumor was not able to be fully removed, the surgery went well and Zak was able to return home to finish recovering just 4 days later. So now, Cori goes in for her blood work every 3-6 weeks to keep track of her cancer diagnosis, but for the most part puts that on the back-burner so that she can instead focus on taking care of her husband and three little girls through this nightmare situation.

This beautiful couple refuses to talk about the odds which give Zak a 12-18 month prognosis, and they choose to only focus on the fact that every day on this Earth is a precious gift and that God can do miracles.

Given these dire circumstances, both parents are now out of work until further notice. The amount of stress this has put on their finances to just be able to keep a roof over their heads, to keep groceries in the fridge, to keep their daughters lives as normal as possible in preschool, not mention this insane amount of medical bills that already piling up, close friends have started a GoFundMe to help with finances where they can.

CLICK HERE for Zak & Cori's GoFundMe link if you feel called to support this family in any way <3

You can also support this incredible family by subscribing to their YouTube Channel "The Ranger Zak Show" which is their educational show for kids that has also been halted due to this diagnosis.

Follow their journey as they document their "new normal" on Instagram @corijean

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