DSC Show -Friday, August 17

Did Amber Heard take a crap on Johnny Depp's bed?

Published sources claim Amber Heard took a crap in the bed she shared with then husband, Johnny Depp. They reportedly had a huge fight when Johnny was two hours late for Amber's 30th birthday party. She supposedly left her feces on their bed as revenge, although she tried to pass it off as belonging to their tiny Yorkie dog. Their housekeeper discovered the mess the day after the party and declared the pile to be too large to have come from the little dog. Their two year marriage officially ended on January 2017. 

Amber Heard has a little Yorkie just like this!
Johnny Depp fought about poop with his wife!

Police have finished investigating an incident where a 16-year-old girl was hurt when she was pushed off of a bridge and fell 60 feet into the water.

The sheriff's office has identified the woman that pushed her off the bridge as 18-year-old Taylor Smith and she is fully cooperating with investigators at this time.

Smith is suspected of being the girl caught on video pushing Jordan Holgerson off the bridge on Aug. 7 which resulted in 6 broken ribs and punctured both of her lungs in the fall.

We're going for a world record at Sky Show!

Here are some of the things we learned on the show today:

We were reminded of Ruthie's 'nose whistle' in a Friday Flashback.

Dave's new band is called "Tooth Flickin's On The Mirror."

Today's $5 Quiz put The Team ahead of Boyer by one game after being tied for at least a month. Of course, "Neither" has the most wins in 'Boyer vs. The Team.' The question was, during a fundraiser for KBOO radio, the station pledged $10,000 they would stop playing 'Stairway to Heaven.' Who called in to secure the pledge? Boyer said, 'Jimmy Page' while The Team said, 'Robert Plant.'

We had a satisfying round of 'I Hate it' for the first time since we moved back to KGB. It's good to get the hate out so it won't ruin your weekend.

In sports we learned, the Olympic Torch was started in Berlin by the Nazi's in 1936.

It's being predicted that Tiger Woods will win The Masters this year. He took second place last weekend, so I supposed it could happen.

Man gets shot after argument about who should play Aretha in the movies!

Thursday, two men in a VA barbershop we're discussing who should play Aretha Franklin in the movie when things got out of control. One of the men suggested Halle Berry would be the perfect choice and he asked the other man how Aretha was doing. The man became enraged and told him she died five minutes ago. They ended up on the ground fighting and a gun was drawn which seriously injured one man. The police took both men to the hospital before arresting the gunman.

Here are the highest paid actresses in Hollywood!






#1 SCARLETT JOHANSSON -with a whopping $40.5


Sam the Cooking Guy made his debut with us at The KGB today! He taught us how to make Smoked Pork Tenderloin. You can watch him work his magic in the above video.


If you REALLY want to know what happened on the show today, just listen to this podcast.

Have yourself a Super Southern California Sports Weekend!

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