The DSC Show - August 20

Tiger Woods

A famous brothel in NV wants to help Tiger Woods get his mojo back - by having lots of sex with him!  Since Tiger is getting closer to his old, winning self, the owner of Sheri's Ranch think it would help him out if he had a ton of sex with lots of different women - just like he use to! They're even offering Tiger a 75% discount.

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Did you see the horrible Indy Car accident at the Pocono's yesterday?  The driver broke both legs as well as spine and lung injuries. Take a look at the video above.

Catholic League Defends Pedo priests

A spokesman for the Catholic League is defending the 300 priests in PA who are accused of rampant sexual assault of underage children. Spokesman, Bill Donohue, wants to continue the cover up by denying that only half of those priests probably have a problem. He goes on to say "the media needs to stop calling it rape if there's no penetration." 

Remember when this same group - The Catholic League - started a campaign against The DSC Show for airing "Lash Wednesday? At the time, their spokesman was Carl Horst who called us "double talking liars." The bit continues to air regularly on The KGB in San Diego. 

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EMILY - MADE IT IN! They gave her 5 OUT OF 5 stars!

RUTH -  REJECTED - only 2 OUT OF 5 stars

BOYER - REJECTED - only 1 OUT OF 5 stars

SARAH - MADE IT IN - with 5 OUT OF 5 stars


DAVE - HE’S IN!  3 OUT OF 5 stars

There was a promise that if they kicked us out for being too ugly, they'd tell us exactly WHY we're ugly. But it turns out - they expect us to pay for that info! Hey man, we're ugly, but we ain't stupid! We ain't paying $10 for a makeup artist OR $45 for a plastic surgeon just to humiliate us, sheesh! The nerve of those people.

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Here's what we learned today:

The Rev. Al Sharpton quoted his friend, Aretha Franklin, when he was criticizing the president. He said Trump should "show some ”R-E-S-P-I-C-T." Yep, he actually spelled it wrong.

An argument between two golfers at a Massachusetts golf club turned bloody Friday when one of the men bit off the other player’s finger.

The Celebrity Death Czar says no to the late, United Nations Secretary, Kofi Anan.  He also vetoed singer, actress Morgana King.  At the moment, we have a twosome with Aretha and Stan Mikita. 

We took a $5 QUIZ today: five words to describe a movie. Our fourth place Emily won and is only nine games out of first place.

Sarah says don't waste your time going to see new movie, 'The Meg.' It was just awful. 

The Involuntary Boner's is the name of Dave's new band on KGB.

Get your tickets to the KGB Sky Show and come early on Sept. 8th so you can watch our live show in the Aztec Village from 3 to 5 pm before the game. We're going to break a world record, so come join the fun!

'Sharknado 6' will be on TV this Sunday.

“Sharknado,” the hit movie franchise on the SyFy channel, returns Sunday night with its sixth and final installment. Tara Reid and Ian Ziering return to star in the campy film. When the first 'Sharknado' aired five years ago, it wasn't expected to to be a hit, but people loved how over the top it was. Both actors admit, there might be another one. You just never know.

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