DSC 2.05: Opposite Sex & Dumb Things, Baby Boomers vs Millennials, Pink Day

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The DSC Show for Tuesday 2/5/19: Dumb Things We Did To Impress Opposite Sex, Baby Boomers vs Millennials, It's Pink Day and more! 

Listen to the podcast below.


What's the dumbest thing you’ve ever done to impress a guy or girl?

Winner gets KISS tickets!

Jeff Bezos spent $20 million on his girlfriend! He wanted a commercial for his Space Flight company and hired her to fly his rocket to make the commercial. When his affair was made public, he was too embarrassed to show it during the Super Bowl.

Alex - said he lied and said he had experience in journalism. His date took him to cover a story where he got tear gassed and robbed.

Michael - dating a gymnast. Went to a park and thought he could do a handstand even though she said they were too far apart. She was right and he injured all of his chest muscles.

Our girl Emily - bragged that the afternoon DJ was her Dad because she thought it would made her seem cool. Took the guy to an event and got busted when he figured out he wasn’t her Dad.

Wyatt - In second grade he would trip over random things to make girls laugh.

Paul - First Christmas with new gf came out dressed like Santa with his dick in a box and sang the song!

Tom - had four horses and rode one in Del Mar and said hey watch this ….. Went into the corral and grabbed the archway - going too fast, he fell down and knocked himself out.

Steve - took taekwondo classes and two hot girls smoked before the class - so he took up smoking. During class, he ran out to throw up by the people eating at the Dairy Queen next door.

Peter - he’s a hairy guy. Beautiful girl who was perfect and also did waxing. Sent her a text for some waxing and she said okay. His back hair coming out hurt like hell. Filled with regret minus all of his back and chest hair and so much pain.

******Second Place********Jamie - freshman in high school in love with a rockabilly boy. Wanted to grease back her hair like he did and used vaseline to remove it. Used Tide to wash it out which ruined it and had to cut it all off. Went to school almost bald the next day.

Tried to jump six trashcans and landed face first. Messed up his face for weeks.

Kevin - jr at Chico State on Halloween weekend. Dressed up as GNR. He was Axl Rose! Thought he would impress her by jumping over a parking meter. His leather jacket got caught and he fell on his face, knocked himself out, had a concussion.

Steven - new at college and met a girl. Ran into her at a bar where motocross was on tv. He said he’d done it before - lying and bluffing his way through it. A week later she invited him to go motocross riding. Now he was stuck doing it trying to impress her. Ran himself over!

Larry asked out a girl on Valentine’s Day, Had flowers delivered to her homeroom. She told him she has a boyfriend and asked him if he understood - in front of everyone.

Ricky - Vicky - razor scooter down the hill in their hood and crashed into a hearse with a body in the back and the family all around.

Rhonda - trying to impress some hot guy, Mark. Went to a pool party with him. The boys started jumping off the roof and the girls wouldn’t do it, so she went for it. She cut her pinky toes, bleeding all over. She did him in the bathroom. She's just bragging!

Kimmy - F - in 7th grade had a crush on a deaf kid. Wore a super tight dress. Sent him a note asking if he liked her dress. Her girlfriend sent her a note to leave her alone. They broke up the next day and he immediately got a new girlfriend - but not her.

Anna - Farted when her guy kissed her first time on their first date.

Peed his pants while trying to impress a girl riding a horse.

*****WINNER********Patrick - had a crush on Marla - new to the hood. Gets his license and asks to take the car around the block. He backs into her driveway and says hello. Friends tell him to do a burnout - he crashed it through her Dad’s garage door.****************************************

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Here are a few of the things we learned on the show today.

Snow is expected in the SD local mountains today! Emily doesn’t want to go but her hubby does. Afraid they might get stuck. She'd rather be going to see Pink get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today presented by Ellen. But the rain and the timing aren't right.

Death Czar ruling: Kristoff St John from Young and the Restless - gets a NO and old time movie star - Julie Adams - Creature from the Black Lagoon is also out. But Dave wants her for Celebrity Purgatory.

Early I Hate It from Dave - Hates when he uses his dental floss and it cuts his pointer finger in the crease. We told him to move the floss above or below the crease.

Chainsaw says Sunday's Super Bowl got the lowest ratings in ten years.

We teamed up and played two games today; The Baby Boomer Quiz and the Millennial Quiz. Boyer, Dave, Chainsaw and Ruth were one team and the youngsters- Sarah and Emily were the other team. You can find the Boomer game on Dave’s Twitter feed here. Oh yeah, the girls won both games.

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