DSC Blog - Friday, October 26

So many weird news stories today...

1. Dave shared a news story about this woman who was fake crying to the cops - begging them not to arrest her. She was driving a stolen car on a suspended license. They put her in the cop car, lock the door and talk amongst themselves. Suddenly, they see her climbing into the driver's seat and speeding away!  See the video below.

2. A woman attempted to bit a man's penis off while she was having sex with him and another man.  She had to be stunned, and then revived when her heart stopped because she was also HIGH at the time. The full story is available here.

3. Babysitter was found drunk in the middle of the road with no pants on.  Read the story.

4. Photo of Bigfoot was taken in Antarctica.  See it here and get the full story.  


Top things people can’t do:

  1. Wink with both eyes
  2. Snap with both hands
  3. Tie a necktie
  4. Shuffle a deck of cards
  5. Whistle with fingers in mouth
  6. Dance
  7. Tie a balloon
  8. Swallow pills

Photo by Getty Images

Most people can't blow up a balloon

On this day in 1981, Queen and David Bowie released the single “Under Pressure.” Please enjoy.


What do you Hate? Get it out before it ruins your weekend!

Ruth - hates that she can’t blow up a balloon

Hates when his Mom says he can’t say the F- word

Amy - hates that the bandits keep beating her out of winning Girls Night Out tickets.

Angela - Hates when you think you lost weight but you have to use a hanger to put your jeans on

Tammy -  Hates that she bled through all of her clean clothes

Chester - Hates that he has a get away weekend and his wife has Aunt Flo in town

Photo by KGB/iheartmedia

Summer School game on DSC on KGB

$5 Quiz: Summer School - What the hell is that kid trying to say? List of teams that have won the world series. Tickets to: Blues Bros, or The Boo Ball, David Crosby and Friends or DSC Ladies Night!!

  • Houston Astros   
  • Chicago Cubs      
  • Kansas City Royals
  • SF Giants   
  • Boston Red Sox   
  • Philadelphia Phillies
  • St Louis Cardinals   
  • Florida Marlins     
  • Chicago White Sox
  • Anaheim Angels   
  • Toronto Blue Jays   
  • New York Mets
  • Pittsburgh Pirates   
  • MN Twins    
  • Oakland Athletics
  • LA Dodgers    
  • NY Yankees  
  • ****EMILY WINS*****

$5 Quiz standings

  • Ruth holding down last place
  • Emily 4th place - 3 ½ games back
  • Chainsaw in 3rd place -  2 ½ games back
  • Boyer is in 2nd place - one game back
  • Sarah - first place!!

Photo by KGB/iheartmedia

Ladies Night at Sycuan with Emily & Sarah
Blues Brothers at Harrah's

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