DSC 3.13 - Hollywood Bribing Scandal, Red Heads, Racy Backwash Recap

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The DSC Show for Wednesday 3/13/19: Hollywood Bribing Scandal, Red Heads, Racy Backwash Recap and more!

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Here are some of the things we learned today on The DSC Show on KGB.

The Baby Shark song can save your life. If you sing it while you do CPR, it keeps the beat much like the song 'Stayin' Alive.'

Britney Spears cancelled her Vegas residency earlier this year to care for her sick father. But she’s getting a big, glitzy, musical theater production in Chicago called 'Once Upon a One More Time.' It’s about her favorite princesses and fairy tales done in a feminist way. It happens in November and should go to Broadway in NYC soon after that. Our girl Sarah is over the moon in anticipation.

We know that Michael Jackson's music sales have gone UP since that "Leaving Neverland" documentary put a new spotlight on his alleged atrocities with young boys. But his radio airplay went DOWN. We can't say the same thing for R. Kelly. His sales didn't see much of an increase when his alleged crimes hit the headlines, but his radio airplay went way up. It jumped 71% last week after his wild interview with Gayle King on CBS.

John Cryer talked about Charlie Sheen recently. He said the craziness was hard to take and no one wanted to be around him on the set of "Two and a Half Men," despite all the so-called winning. Cryer admitted it was difficult watching him spiral downward, especially since he had been sober for a while previous to that.

Is Colton from the 'The Bachelor' still a virgin or not? Our crews thinks no. The season finally ended last night with 'The Bachelor' Colton and his choice, the love of his life, Cassie, looking happier than hell.  Hanna B will be the next 'Bachelorette.' Ugh! We think she's annoying.

You need to watch Senator Mitt Romney blowing out birthday candles on his Twinkie cake. It's weird, but the germaphobes think it's okay. Please go here to see it on our website.

Jeopardy host, Alex Trebek is back to work after revealing he has stage four pancreatic cancer. Taping of the game show picked up yesterday, almost a week after Trebek shared his diagnosis.

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Actress Felicity Huffman was taken at gunpoint by six FBI agents yesterday morning.

She and about 50 others could be facing jail with five years for each count, plus a fine in the biggest college cheating scandal ever. Read more about the faked documents, Photoshopped pics, the scammers and coaches involved in the scandal here.

Dave woke up with a sense of dread this morning. Impostor syndrome. A few years ago he had a talk with our former boss, then owner of KFMB Radio and TV stations, Elizabeth Kimmel, about how to get his kid into USC, since that where her kids are. It turned out - Elizabeth was one of the people indicted for fraud in the big college cheating scandal! Our whole crew was shocked by this news. You can read more about her charges here.

Dave always thought he skated into Western IL University - it was too easy to get into. He’s waiting to hear the pursers office in Macomb IL got tickets to Buck Owens in exchange for his scholarship! J/k.

Actress Lori Loughlin spent $500,000 to get her two daughters into USC. One of them is a YouTube star and a major party girl who could care less about school. Lori was out of town, but flew back and turned herself in this morning. She and her husband are accused of paying bribes to get her kids certified as , athletes which they aren't. Read more about it here.

Either way, if the students knew their parents cheated or had no idea they were admitted by cheating, should they be kicked out or be allowed to stay? Expelled says Chainsaw and Ruth. What do you say?

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Summer School: St. Patrick's Day edition

We're playing Summer School today for Alice in Chains tickets!

It's the St. Patrick's edition, which means we're talking about 'famous gingers' today. Sarah's daughter Summer says a word in her mushmouth manner and we have to guess what it is.

Here are the words we had to guess.

Lucille Ball   Julianne Moore  Prince Harry Anne of Green Gables

Jessica Chastain    Jessica Rabbit Nicole Kidman   Shaun White

Kathy Griffin   Ariel Annie   Cynthia Nixon Carmen Sandiego

Ron Howard    Lois Griffin   Shirley Manson

Strawberry Shortcake   Molly Ringwald Reba McEntire

Ellie Kemper       Raggedy Ann and Andy   Conan O'Brien

Seth Green    Axl Rose Bette Midler   Elmo Ed Sheeran

   ***************Boyer wins**********

You can go here to see more of the most famous redheads of all time.

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