DSC 2.20 - ISIS Woman Regrets, Scorpion On Flight, Oscars Summer School


The DSC Show for Wednesday 2/20/19: Woman Wants Back Into US After Joining ISIS, Scorpion On A Flight, Backwash Pop Quiz, Summer School - Oscar's Edition and more!

Listen to the podcast below.

Here are some of the things we learned on The DSC Show today:

If Dave had to choose between "Star Wars" and "The Godfather" - he'd kick Marlon Brando to the bricks!

According to Boyer, "Star Wars" is one giant dick fest. But Boyer and Chainsaw both choose "The Godfather" over "Star Wars."

We had a visit from BROMO today to talk about the Fantasy Football guy who lost a bet and had to cover himself in peanut butter and go to a dog park. BROMO did that bit 15 years ago at KGB!

On social media, rapper Cardi B thanked classic rocker Tom Petty for some flowers he supposedly sent her. Ummm …. He died two years ago. But she didn't know that. Damn embarrassing.

There was a flight overseas where a 12 inch scorpion was spotted in an overhead rack. How would Ruth get rid of it? Hit it with a Broom? Hoover it up? Freak out. Scream. Run away.

Apparently, Ruthie dropped another F-bomb in the first break today.

Burberry is the latest fas-hole to think the public is dumb enough to buy anything they deem trendy. They came out with a hoodie where the strings formed a hangman’s noose! So lame. Of course they took it off the market immediately and now get a ton of free publicity. Dave thinks the fashion houses are doing this on purpose. They can’t be that stupid.

1500 new potholes have popped up in the last month in San Diego. The mayor says we fix 30,000 of them every year.

Dave broke his collarbone ten times, while his brother broke Dave's skull once.

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Summer School - Oscar Edition

$5 Quiz: Summer School - Oscar Edition

Listeners played for tickets to see LedZepAgin at the San Diego House of Blues.

Here are the Best Movie Winners we had to guess from the mushmouth, Summer.

Titanic    American Beauty   Chicago The Departed   Hurt Locker The King’s Speech    Birdman

Moonlight  Shape of Water Schindler's List    Braveheart Forrest Gump   Silence of the lambs

Driving Miss Daisy    Rain Man Rocky The Godfather   Sound of Music   English Patient

Gladiator    Lord of the Rings Slumdog Millionaire   Shakespeare in Love Dances with Wolves

    *****************Ruthie wins for Sandy ***************

$5 Quiz Standings update

  • Boyer - last place, batting 111 - $45
  • Ruthie - 4th place, finally out of the basement!
  • Emily - third place and batting 278
  • Chainsaw - half a game back, batting 333
  • Sarah - retakes first place!

Photo by KGB/iHeartMedia

Oscar Swag Bag incredible this year

The Oscar Swag Bag is incredible this year! All you have to to get one is - get nominated for an Oscar. The contents of "bag" are said to be worth six-figures.

The Oscar Swag Bag includes but is not limited to: luxury small ship adventure, Coda Signature premium weed edibles, VIP card to a weed social club, private phobia relief session, Yeti cooler filled with Mexican food, premiere handcrafted absinthe, personal training sessions, session with age interventionist Renee Lynn, limited edition art shirts, special portrait, luxury resort stay, color changing lipstick, chocolates, spa kit for your mouth, dinner at Las Cabos, Golden Door Spa visit, and more weed stuff like facial, oil, skin care products, hair dryer, dental products, makeup bag, eyelashes, totebag, jewelry items, luxury wellness retreat in Malibu, eye mask, poolside dinner by a celebrity chef, hair care products, beauty products, Milano cookies, spy pen form Peta, gourmet pretzels, artwork, organic maple syrup, hands free safety dog leash, custom fragrance, soul candles, southern wicked lemonade moonshine, bracelets, beauty book for brain cancer and more!

You can get more info about this years Oscar Swag Bag here.

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