DSC 2.06 - Never Been Kissed Bachelor Contestant & Lash Wednesday

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The DSC Show for Wednesday 2/6/19: Never Been Kissed Bachelor Contestant, Lash Wednesday and more! 

Listen to the podcast below.

Here are some of the things we learned on the show today:

Boyer came to work today with his hair looking like Otis in cell block two! He didn’t comb his hair or shave today. You can see the pic here .

We had Heather from The Bachelor on our show today. No, she doesn't go to a virgin club with Tim Tebow! Although he has an event for special needs kids to go to prom on Friday and Heather will be there at the North Coast Vista Church. Learn more about the event here.

Homeless people are allowed to sleep in their cars after San Diego City Council voted that it was okay to continue the practice.

A new football league has formed and San Diego has a team! We have the AAF, Alliance of American Football, with the San Diego Fleet playing on Saturday night on CBS at 5:30 against the San Antonio Commanders. The home opener is next Saturday.

A vape pen exploded despite the shop no longer selling that model. It exploded and severed a dude’s carotid artery, killing him.

In Hawaii, they are trying to be leaders in the no smoking community by banning all cigarettes.

Denver wants to decriminalize magic mushrooms.

Kids took some gummy bears to school and shared with friends, but it was their parents edible-weed gummies! Dave says you gotta hide them in the liver and broccoli.

A lawyer was covered in bed bugs during a trial, so the judge sent everyone home while they cleaned out the building.

Pink got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday. Gave a nice speech in front of fans. Ellen presented her star.

Liam Neeson says he’s not a racist but his red carpet appearance for his new movie was cancelled.

Lash Wednesday with the Reverend Dave on KGB

We had a round of Lash Wednesday with the Reverend Dave looking for the Sin Sinniest Sinner of them ALL!

Best sin - and best moan - wins free tickets to see KISS tomorrow night in San Diego, CA!

Art - Many years ago a customer comes in to his automotive shop and he has sex with the mom because he couldn’t get the daughter. He went to her house daily for sex for a whole month. He showed up early one day and saw her with her husband in a wheelchair. She wanted him to remove the battery so he couldn’t chase him around the house.

Steven - sometimes Boyer has a point and he’s unhappy to admit it.

Larry - When he met his first wife, they had cocktails with her twin sisters. He had sex with all three of them. Bragger!

Nancy - the flight attendant on a layover in NYC in the early 90s - not supposed to drink, but she did. At the hotel bar at 1am, had to pee and went to find a bathroom but they were all locked. She peed in the tall ashtrays by the elevators with her friend being the lookout, but they got caught by three big security guards! Also a security cam watched the whole thing. She flirted her way out of the mess and they were let go. 

****** winner *******Mary - When she was 4 she use to tell lies to her Dad. She lied about killing three snails on the sidewalk and stepping on them. She said she didn’t do it on purpose. Great moaning! KISS will be her first rock concert!

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