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The DSC Show for Monday, 1/28/19: Poop Knife, Ozzy Postpones Again, Spelling Bee and more! 

Listen to the podcast below.

Does your family have a Poop Knife?

Does YOUR family have its own Poop Knife or not?

Man drops off a gigantic kid in the pool. It’s not going anywhere. So he cracked the door and called out for his friend. “Where’s your poop knife?” 

His friend gives him a weird look and says “What the hell is a poop knife?” Turns out everyone heard him and none of them own a poop knife. 

Boyer had one gifted to him at Christmas, but he keeps it here at work. He carries a poop knife with him at all times with his buck knife. 

Eagle Scout Chainsaw is not prepared

Listener Troy had a poop knife in every bathroom in his house growing up. Still has one in his bathroom today. Listener Matt said his father in law asked him for a pair of scissors! He said hell no!  

Dave thinks Sarah is the one on the show who is in need of an official poop knife, because of a story she told about lil' Summer. 

Where do you keep your poop knife? Under the bathroom sink?  Listener John is a poop knife family.  He says it gets stored in the toilet bowl cleaner. Does it have a long handle? Nope! Do you fillet it or cut it east-west? He said any way you want. 

"As a kid, I had to keep a stick in the bathroom for our poop knife. Listener Omar says poop blender is the way to go!"

And that, my friends, inspired Dave's new band name, "Britney Spears Poop Knife." 

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Woman Spotted Cleaning Her Windshield While Driving
Woman Spotted Cleaning Her Windshield While Driving
Somebody shot video of a woman in Canada driving on a busy freeway, and she's using a scraper to clean the snow off of her windshield!

On this day in 1985, a group of popular musicians recorded "We Are the World" to raise money to fight hunger. Here's the video in case you've forgotten all about it.

Spelling Test for words Twitter says we get wrong

Twitter made fun of people who constantly misspelled words and made a list of the worst offenders.

Dave gave us a pop spelling quiz today of those very same words. 

Miscellaneous Rhythm   guarantee bureaucracy  vacuum    Diarrhea   English version: diarrhoea   

amateur  bellwether   cemetery   daiquiri   Exhilarate   harass  hierarchy  millennium  mischievous   

noticeable Full  occurrence    principle possession   pronunciation   questionnaire   receipt  principle 

sergeant     tyranny     weird   and the winning word was Bureaucracy. 

                    ********EMILY wins***************************

$5 Quiz Standings as of today Jan 28, 2019:

Ruthie/Chainsaw in last place - both minus $25

Boyer in Third place, 2 in 8, $5 back, 2 games in the hole

Sarah - Second Place - 2 in 4, Batting 332, +$20 

Emily - First Place - 4 in 6, batting 400!!

Photo KGB/iHeartMedia

Here are some of the things we learned on the show today.

While we were suffering at 50 degrees in San Diego this morning, Dave's parents experienced a wind chill factor of 50 below zero over the weekend. Our good friend Bromo says it was 32 below zero in Minot ND where he does his morning show.

Meanwhile, poor Emily couldn't handle the temp inside her home being 68 degrees last night! Dang, we're spoiled.

Chainsaw claimed the whole USA must've hated us yesterday as they watched the Farmers Open at glorious, sunny, warm Torrey Pines in La Jolla, CA. And Justin Rose won the thing if you care.

This is the 19th anniversary of Coach Bill Belichick being hired. He has 30 playoff wins and 5 Superbowl wins - the most of any coach. 

Superbowl happens on Sunday with the Patriots going for their 6th win vs the Rams going for their second win and their first for LA. 

Stop cuddling your pet hedgehog. The CDC says that's what's causing an outbreak of salmonella.  Read more about it here.

Ozzy Osbourne is canceling more shows due to illness. This time he has the flu. 

"Regular good sex" can lower blood pressure naturally. Scientists did a study and found volunteers had their blood pressure reduced by 13 percent the day after making love. The results were the same as taking a blood pressure pill.

How would you like a chance to watch The Wizard of Oz on a giant screen in a theater? To celebrate its 80th year anniversary, it will be playing at select Regal and AMC Theaters in San Diego County on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tickets are on Fathomevents.com

Actor, Alan Alda is 84 years old. He got the lifetime achievement award at the SAG awards last night.

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