DSC 4.9.19 - Toilet Tainted Sunglasses, I'm Stupid, Eating Emily's Son

The DSC Show for Tuesday 4/9/19: Toilet Tainted Sunglasses, I'm Stupid, Eating Emily's Son and more!

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Here are a few of the things we learned today on The DSC Show on KGB.

The Death Czar made a double ruling today. Rapper Nipsey Hussle died last week, but today is going through LA at 25 mph in a procession, then lying in state at Staples Center where thousands will pay tribute. He died March 31 when the Grammy Award nominee was gunned down in front of his LA clothing store. Death Czar says he’s in.

82-year old actor, Seymour Cassel also died so we have a two-fer. Emily the Death Czar said he's in as well. You might not recognize his name, but that face is totally familiar.

There’s a paradigm shift happening in Emily’s life. She’s turning into a camping family! Her first location will be in Cardiff! The tent and air mattress are ready to go for the weekend. Eric even has a camping stove and if it doesn’t turn out they can go to VeeGees Donuts or Leucadia Pizza will deliver. Maybe they could just do a drive by, because Emily would rather do a spa day and let the boys have at it.

Boyer hasn’t started his project of turning his old washing machine into a fire ring for camping in the desert.

Sarah went to the beach this weekend and broke out sunglasses for the whole family, including her favorite Kate Spade's she got for her birthday. They fell off her head and dove into the disgusting metal toilet and sunk to the bottom. Did she wave goodbye to them? Nope. She screamed for help and a guy came running to help her. He found a stick and dug them out. Took ‘em home and soaked them in alcohol. Dave says she’ll probably get pink eye.

Dave’s celebrity brush with greatness: Nicole asked him - who is that guy sitting behind you? He played Brad Pitt’s brother in “Legends of the Fall,” Aidan Quinn. He also played the police commissioner on "Elements" on CBS.

Dave got a text from Eric (Emily's husband) the birthday boy. He got a cupcake served on a plate leftover from Colt’s birthday. No cake. Just a lousy cupcake. Some birthday.

Thor actor, Chris Hemsworth put Snickers candy bars in his daughters shoes so she would be tall enough to get on to a ride at Disneyland. During the ride, she almost flew out of the car, but the actor sprung into action and quickly caught her. Maybe there’s a reason kids have to be tall enough to ride certain rides. Duh...

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Boyer's Free Fishing
Boyer's Free Fishing
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Injured Auburn Gymnast Wants to Walk Down the Aisle at Her Wedding
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Time to play a game on KGB!

I’m Stupid! What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? Playing for Disneyland tickets.

Tamala - It was such a nice day, I decided to walk to get gas in my car. (She got one vote.)

Ava - went hiking with brother and Dad. Dented her dad’s Prius by sitting on his roof and cracked the windshield.

Lit himself on fire with his toy Tonka Truck. Still has a scar to this day.

Josh - driving in his truck with his buddy, calling in sick at work, hit the wrong button on the phone, so the boss heard him ordering beer and skipping work.

Nancho - on empty, paid at the register. Got halfway home and realized he never bought the gas.

Robert - robbed a bank to go to Mexico and party. Got caught at the trolley… Did three years at the pen for $2900. No getaway car - rode a bike.

Brent - back in the 80’s - did a lot of wheelies. Doing a one-hander on a bike and showing off and wheelied into the back of a truck.

Mark - Walked his dog, put them in the back seat, dog stepped on the key fob and locked them inside. Wife came with the spare key.

Rick - Wife called and told him to take the dog to the vet immediately. Spent $900 to find out he’s not dying. He’s fat and needs a diet.

Mark - Making a chessboard out of two inch wooden squares with his saw. Thought he should shut it down and clean the pieces away from the blade. But suddenly the lights went out. Big bloody square on his head.

Bobbie - had some Pringles - a few stuck at the bottom. Put her hand in and got it stuck. Drove to work that way.

Dennis - He got hold of a bottle rocket and waited for his Dad to fall asleep to shoot it off. It went on his neighbor’s house and it caught fire. Waited half and hour to call the fire dept.

Tracie - got promoted at her school. Had the keys to open the joint and very excited to get started. She went in on a Saturday. No one showed up.

Terry - Went to a Target with two floors. Put her shopping cart on the people part and she rode in the cart part. Watched her cart tumble down the escalator spilling everything.

John - Ordered a beer during a job interview.

Robert - lobster fishing with his brother, very drunk at the time. Tried to kiss a lobster but it bit his lip. Still has the scar to prove it.

Did a dare to put a cigar butt in his mouth. Honked all over.

Sherry - Didn’t have a car, so she walked everywhere. Drove to the store to buy a beer and left her car there, walked home. In the morning when her car wasn’t there she called the cops. They took a report. She walked to the store again and hey - her car was there.

Joanna - challenging boss, pulling her hair out, sent a text complaining about the boss to boss instead of her boyfriend.

Daniel - at 42, working in the garage on a ramp for his sons to jump their bikes. He demonstrated how it worked. It was going well until his son stepped into the sidewalk in his path. Should he crash or run over his kid? Decided to crash - no helmet - hit his head and his shoulder, no feeling in right arm. Kid laughed at him. Had to go to the hospital. Wife left him there.

********WINNER*****Christina - sliced off three finger tips on her Mom’s food processor.********

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