A Stunning Ride. Big Horn National Forest Sturgis To Cody Wyoming 2019

I was so excited to get to Bear Tooth Pass and Yellowstone National Park that I wasn't expecting what I rode through on my way to Cody, Wyoming from Sturgis, South Dakota. I had no idea how to get to Cody. I only had to follow the toy hauler to the campground we would be at for the evening. We left in the 11am hour, almost ran out of gas right away due to a mistake on the distance from where we were to the nearest town that had a gas station. I came rolling in on fumes before we actually made some progress to our destination. We had almost 400 miles to travel and not enough hours to make it by dark. I don't prefer to ride at night in unfamiliar territory so I was a bit stressed to start with. By the time we got about half way, I was enjoying the ride so much that I didn't care when we got to the camp site. The best part of this unexpected road was Big Horn National Forest. I'd never even heard of it before this so when I saw the mountains, cascading landscape and sheer drops into the valleys below I was blown away.