Clint August

Clint August

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Episode 220 Sex Talk Clint Dr Jenn 09 14 23

Episode 219 Sex Talk Clint August Dr Jenn 09 07 23

What did Dr. Jenn teach today in a webinar to couples in Africa? Why has Clint been displaced from his home for 7 weeks?! And should a girlfriend stay with her boyfriend who has a baby on the way with another woman?

Episode 218 Sex Talk 08 18 23

Does a boyfriend have the right to ask his girlfriend to pay him back for all he's spent on her, when she starts making more money? Plus, Dr. Jenn shares about her recent travels to Ireland and Portugal and the friend's wedding she officiated!

Episode 217 07 26 23 Sex Talk

The Barbie movie?! What do Clint and Dr. Jenn agree on about that movie? Plus, Dr Jenn meets her boyfriend's parents and vice versa for the first time!

Episode 216 Sex Talk 07 12 23

Dr. Jenn shares 10 questions to answer with your partner on anniversaries. And Clint talks about a questionable situation on his camping trip with his sons...and also pushing himself out of his comfort zone.

Episode 215 Sex Talk 06 22 23

What were the highlights from Dr. Jenn's trip to Fiji...and what was the biggest issue in her relationship on the trip? Dr. Jenn also shares about her new video series: How to Have Hard Conversations. Then Clint gives details about his visit to the urologist.

Episode 214 Sex Talk 06 07 23

How to communicate a wake-up call to make your partner realize how unhappy you are? What do Clint and Dr. Jenn each want to be famous for? And who apologizes first in their relationships?

Episode 213 Sex Talk 05 31 23

What is the most petty fight Clint has had with his wife? Does Dr. Jenn get petty in her arguments with her boyfriend? And what is the most likely reason each of them would end up in jail?

Episode 212 Sex Talk 05 25 23

Does a girlfriend have the right to be jealous if her boyfriend likes photos of OnlyFans models on Instagram? What does Dr. Jenn suggest for Clint to do on his road trip with his sons? Plus, more answers to "Better Together" cards.

Episode 211 Sex Talk Clint and Dr Jenn

Why did Clint's wife's coworker stop listening to our show? When is it TMI when someone shares about their sex life? And a listener writes in asking about how to tell to a new girlfriend he's still friends with his ex's.