Video of Clint's Close Call With a Huge Buffalo!

The following is from Clint August 3-7pm on 101.5 KGB

A close call with a huge buffalo in Yellowstone and the most beautiful ride I've ever done. Don't miss this ride! From a close call with buffalo in Yellowstone to Beartooth Pass. Beautiful!!! During our Sturgis trip last year we rode out to Cody Wyoming, through Yellowstone National Park and over Beartooth Pass. The most beautiful ride I've ever done. In Yellowstone National Park we ran into several buffalo but one in particular scared the crap out of me because I felt trapped, stuck behind some slow moving vehicles with nowhere to go when a large male blocked my path. He was pissed off because he wanted a female buffalo that was already spoken for just off to the side of the road. We got lucky when my buddy Mark noticed an opportunity to scoot by him and after cleaning my shorts, we moved onto see two huge elk laying in the grass just about a mile up the road. We rode out of the park into Cooke City to have dinner and then headed over the most beautiful route I've ever seen. Beartooth All American Highway!

Photo courtesy of Clint August