Clint and His Buddy Mark Got Lost in a Wheat Field

Clint and his buddy Mark got lost in a wheat field!!! 

From Clint August 3-7pm 101.5 KGB

Mark and I left my Son Dylan and his friend Gio at the High Road Cabins and picked up our bikes at his house in La Grande, Oregon. Once we gassed up we rode a stretch of the Oregon Trail which was incredible with our Country's history. We ate at the Road Kill Cafe. Very tasty and great prices. The folks who own the place are salt of the earth, great people. They also host a camping site during the two big events they have there. Pendleton Bike Week and the Hell's Canyon Motorcycle Rally are two events that draw thousands of bikes every year. Due to Covid, 2020 is out but look for them in 2021.

After eating and enjoying a great conversation we hit the road only this time...WE GOT LOST in the middle of a wheat field on a dirt road that I had no business riding my Harley on. I figured if I fell over it would be great on video. If not, I achieve victory and embarrassment while taking part in an unplanned side adventure. After 6 plus miles of trying to find a paved road...SUCCESS!!! We stopped for some much needed water because I was too stupid to pack it in my saddle bags, (I won't make that mistake again). We then rode to some of the most beautiful Country and mountain roads that I've ever seen.

Photo by Clint August

Clint and his buddy Mark

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