Iconic Rock and Roll Hat and Album Right Here In Santee, California

Iconic rock and roll hat and album from Jim Croce is in good hands right here in Santee.

From Clint August:

My buddy, Kent Mathews at Lasing Impressions Printing in Santee had something he's very proud of sitting on his counter when I walked in today. AND HE SHOULD BE!!! Check out the hat and album from Jim Croce's personal collection. I was so stoked I had to take a picture and share it. A couple of years ago Coe Lewis was doing a fund raiser for NSEFU Wildlife Conservation Foundation and Ingrid Croce (Jim's wife), donated it to the cause. A gentleman by the name of Robert Nelson won the auction and gave the hat to Kent because he knew it would be in good hands. Kent is considering loaning it to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame...they certainly would love to showcase it. We'll see if he can part with it for a while... 

Photo taken by Clint August