Sweet Felipe Needs A New Home!

Felipe is a 3 year old 11 pound Chihuahua with long legs. His foster says he is crate trained, great with dogs, and says he loves snuggles with both dogs and humans. Once he bonds with someone he stays by their side. He is super sweet and will give tons of kisses. He can be okay with cats. He will bark at them some, and he could chase them if he's in a pack, but he is in a foster home with a cat, and the foster says he is truthfully scared of the cat.

Felipe came to us after being hit by a car and having a fractured pelvis. The fracture is stable and healing nicely. He is doing a little Physical Therapy to help him along faster. Don't miss out on this sweet boy!

Name: Felipe

Breed:  Chihuahua

Age: 3

Sex: Male

Organization: The Little Red Dog, Inc.