This Week on You Bet Your Ass User Error Leads to Mocking [VIDEO]

This week's tool of choice for You Bet Your Ass was a wet gym towel. User error made the spankings ineffective but still entertaining.

Team Brit Brit - Sarah and Boyer: Boyer bids for Sarah.

Team Tom Tom - Chainsaw and Emily: Emily bids for Chainsaw

  1. Over the counter brand name medicines. Sarah has to name 8! She only named 7, so she gets 8 spanks with the wet towel from Emily. Team Brit Brit gets 1 strike.
  2. Religious faiths. Sarah can name 6. She only named 5 so she gets 6 more spanks by Emily! Brit Brit has two strikes now.
  3. Sesame Street Characters. Sarah can name 6. And she did so Boyer must spank Chainsaw. Team Tom Tom gets 1 strike.
  4. Birthday months for the DSC crew members.  Sarah can name three. She did so Boyer spanks Chainsaw 3 spanks. Team Tom Tom has 2 strikes.
  5. Name movies with Kevin Bacon. Chainsaw can name 4 and he did. So Team Brit Brit gets 3 strikes making Team Tom Tom the winner!! Their second win of the season! Emily spanks Sarah 4 times.

The DSC Show

The DSC Show

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