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Josh Klinghoffer Shares New Pluralone Song 'The Report'

Josh Klinghoffer has been keeping himself busy after getting ousted from the Red Hot Chili Peppers when the band decided to reunite with John Frusciante. The guitarist started a solo project under the moniker Pluralone, and released his debut album To Be One With You last year. Now, he's gearing up for the release of its follow-up, I Don't Feel Well, by sharing a song from the 10-track project called "The Report" — an apt choice with the presidential election looming.

“The Report’ was written the day William Barr made his obfuscation performance about the Mueller Report. That’s where the name originated. I think I was sitting in bed, watching that scumbag blather, and playing chords that sounded like the image of spiders crawling out of his eyes. That wretched man. That’s where the music was born,” Klinghoffer recalled to SPIN. “Almost exactly a year later, driving, listening to the demo I’d just made, I started singing I Don’t Feel Well. The song kind of wrestled with what it was exactly about for a few weeks, was even called I Don’t Feel Well for a time, then started to seem like a bit of a report on my emotional status at the time."

“Perhaps if I felt better, asses like Barr and his friends wouldn’t upset me so much," he added. "That’s what I’m working toward. Don’t get me wrong though, they have to go. They absolutely have to go. They don’t feel at all.”

I Don't Feel Well is slated for an October 16 release. Listen to "The Report" below.

Aside from the new album, Klinghoffer also released a 7" single over the summer that features RHCP bassist Flea and former drummer Jack Irons. You can listen to "Nowhere I Am" here.

Photo: Calethia De Conto

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